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roups of 5-9 people playing together save 25p per child on children's entry.
Groups of 10 or more playing together save 50p per child on children's entry.

PlayZone welcomes children up to 14 accompanied by an adult for daytime play.

4’s & under: £5.75

5’s to 14’s: £6.95

Adults: £1.50


Groups of 5-9 save 25p per child & groups of 10 or more save 50p per child on children's entry.

(4’s & under) weekday term time concession (10am-3pm)- £5.95 for one adult and one child.





Teen nights (11’s & over) £5. Check the teen webpage or call us for date & time info.

Adult Night 8pm-11pm every Tuesday & Friday night.

Children's parties, Private Parties & Group Bookings, LaserZone including early Laser nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sleep Overs... any available night.



Why do adults have to pay?
We maintain nice seating areas for parents to be able to relax and enjoy, including a good-sized mezzanine and other facilities.  We believe our pricing is fair compared to other comparable activities that you would wish to do with your child, such as taking them to the cinema, bowling, or swimming.

Why can’t you leave your children or pop out?
The child / children remain the parents’ responsibility at all times when inside Playzone.  If the parent leaves the child, this negates their responsibility. The adult must remain within the premises for the entire duration of their child’s session.

What is classed as the child’s ADULT?
Playzone adheres to the requirement imposed upon us by child services and our public liability insurers. An ADULT is classed as a parent or guardian over the age of 18 who will provide full responsibility for their child / children at all times in Playzone.  This is for your children’s safety and security.

Why can’t you bring your own food?
We have a Café that adheres to the strict regulations of Food and Health and Safety Legislation. Like any other restaurant, we do not permit members of the public to bring food onto the premises with the exception of baby food. Our tables are allocated for food and drinks purchased in the premises only. You will be asked to put your food away or leave the premises to eat it.

We do not allow re-entry.

PlayZone reserves the right to refuse entry. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.