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Playzone Portsmouth is a fantastic indoor play centre, that's suitable for all ages! There are huge slides, rope walk ways, fireman's poles, web climber, tumble towers, up and overs pads, bish bash bags..... the list goes on and on! What sets Playzone apart from the rest is that it really is suitable for all ages. We have a dedicated toddler area, that's a mini Playzone just for the under 4s. We positively encourage all ages over 5yrs to have a go in the main play area. As well as being open all day every day for family fun, we also have Teen nights, Adult nights, Laser and endless different party and event options.

Playzone really is something different!

It's Fizzical fun for everyone at PlayZone - Day or night, rain or shine!


PlayZone welcomes children up to 14 accompanied by an adult for daytime play.

4’s & under: £5.75

5’s to 14’s: £6.95

Adults: £1.50


Groups of 5-9 save 25p per child & groups of 10 or more save 50p per child on children's entry.

(4’s & under) weekday term time concession (10am-3pm)- £5.95 for one adult and one child.


Please note that you are guaranteed "an hour and a half" for our regular sessions, especially on busy days.

We sometimes close early on quiet days, so we advise that you call reception before leaving home.





PlayZone reserves the right to refuse entry. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.