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PlayZone in Swansea is a great venue for indoor infant and toddler activities, summer and rainy day activities for toddlers in our purpose built indoor adventure play area, where they can gain social skills and co ordination through physical play in a safe environment.

Why don’t you arrange to meet your friends at playzone with your toddlers, and their toddler friends.

Come to PlayZone and enjoy a fantastic fun time with your toddler. PlayZone encourages parents and guardians to use the equipment for active play and to interact with their children.

ToddlerZone costs:
£3.95 for toddlers (4’s & under).
£1.25 for adult (redeemable against any hot meal).

How about a Toddler Party!
In term time, we can host your Toddler Party. No fuss and no mess to clean up - we'll take care of all that. Latest booking would be 1pm for a 3pm finish.
£5.95 each






PlayZone reserves the right to refuse entry. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.